Migos Rap Snacks Jingle “Dab of Ranch” Goes Viral

For Atlanta based potato chip brand Rap Snacks; Art imitates life; after rebranding and entering back into the marketplace the brand has finally hit pay dirt with a collaboration from Hip Hop’s latest “it” group, Migos a young rap group whose really influenced the younger Hip Hop culture. Their potato chip flavor is “Sour Cream with A Dab of Ranch”. The Dab being a popular urban dance they freestyled an ode to the potato chip flavor named in their honor.

In November, the group turned the freestyle into a jingle and to date, the jingle went viral gaining over 5+ million shared views. A single version will be released on Spotify. The Migos demographic excellently lined up with the digital universe producing a groundswell and a pop culture success. These types of lightning in the bottle moments are what marketing teams dream of; an opportunity for total market integration.

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