Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of artists, are all trying to make a name for themselves in the modern music industry, and rap industry specifically. Pushing brand and name recognition above all else is what matters most to an artist in this day and age, as the phrase “15 seconds of fame” is becoming more and more realistic and relatable.

While many artists have tried to make “innovative” moves through exclusive partnerships with a certain streaming provider, it has rarely proved successful for up and coming artists. This is why artists should allow their fanbase the ability to consume their music through any streaming service or consumption outlet available. 

Uploading music to every possible outlet (or point of access for consumers) is the best possible opportunity for rising artists to take advantage of. No artist truly knows which service they’re most likely to gain new followers and fans through, resulting in them blowing up into the mainstream discussions of current trendsetting rappers and singers. 

This is a prime example of why adding music to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, and Soundcloud can all be beneficial to the artist. Artists can even choose to upload snippets of their music to other online sources including last.FM or social media pages to increase name recognition should they choose to do so. More access points often result in more everyday music consumers stumbling across a small artist’s catalog and soon becoming the fan’s all-time favorite. 

If fans wish to support the artist even further, they will have the option of purchasing a digital download through stores such as iTunes rather than solely streaming their music. Artists receive a larger cut of the profits at the end of the day through a full purchase, rather than pennies on the dollar through streaming. However, in today’s current streaming era, artists must be prepared to adapt to the changes and take the route that allows them to earn the largest percentage of revenue possible. 

It’s wise to imagine each outlet for consumption as if it’s a stream of income. With more streams flowing from consumer to creator, the more likely the artist is to pick up new fans that will support their music. It’s often a struggle for rising artists to get their foot in the door and name picked up by fans enough to share between one another, but music promotion and name awareness through various outlets increases the likelihood of rising to the top of their game.