It’s no surprise that social media and technology have radically changed the landscape of the music industry in ways that could never have been predicted. With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down tours around the globe, artists have turned to live streaming to fill their time and keep fans pleased in the meantime. 

Artists can also post updates with fans about an upcoming project or a new collaboration in seconds to hype up fans. While many strategies are being used to benefit an artist, there are a few that have yet to be commonly used. Some of these should be used by up and coming artists that can assist their career in blowing up much sooner than later, if done correctly. 

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert recently asked fans through Twitter which of his popular leaked songs should be on the deluxe version of his latest album “Eternal Atake (Deluxe) – LUV vs. The World 2”. The album was filled with the CDQ versions of many unreleased songs that fans have grown to love over the past few years, with some dating back to 2016. Lil Uzi Vert went as far as to state that some leaked songs were named by the fans, such as the breakout hit “Myron”. 

Artists can use social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram to their benefit by asking fans which of their favorite songs they want to hear at concerts. While this sounds beneficial all around, this helps for two reasons specifically. If the artist isn’t sure which songs to include in the concert’s setlist and needs assistance in narrowing it down to the allotted amount of time, fans can be of great help as they’re the primary audience that artists are aiming to please. 

If this is done, fans will have great confidence that some of their personal favorites will be played, along with newer music the artist is currently touring, and are more likely to purchase a ticket to see them perform live. Another benefit of reaching out to fans is that the artist can find out what their favorite songs were off the latest album. This way, the artist has some clue as to which songs were loved by their most hardcore fans and can create and release more music in the direction of that sound. 

Artists can also use technology to their benefit by creating music on the road and linking up with other artists if the time aligns with both parties. Recording technology has significantly improved over the last decade, giving artists the ability to share verses over the Internet, as well as the ability to record on the road with their team. This allows more work to be done at a faster rate, while also increasing the level of collaborating should the artist so choose. 

Regardless of how an artist chooses to work, it’s important to remember that social media can greatly benefit an artist. Not only increasing the ability to work with others but also the ability to communicate with their fanbase, artists now have the world at the palms of their hands through new technology. While it shouldn’t be overused to the point that fans are tired of hearing from the artist and feel that they don’t have many original thoughts and look to fans for everything, feedback is necessary for any line of work. If an artist keeps their fans happy, they’re much more likely to stick around and stay devoted as they rise to the top.