Using Instagram Live to Your Benefit

RSG Agency, dasha ware

Artists have used recent technology to a great extent over the past decade. It’s changed the way that both artists and consumers create, share, and support content in the music industry. It can tear an artist down or greatly assist them in rising to the top. One of the most notable elements of this technology push in recent years is that of the live stream. Live streaming has been on the rise for quite some time now, but “Instagram Live” has propelled this form of content to the top of many music lovers’ entertainment watchlists. 

Rapper 6ix9ine hopped on his Instagram account to live stream post-prison release and attracted over two million viewers on a single stream, which happens to be one of Instagram Live’s most-watched live streams to date. It shattered records and kept people talking for days, pondering the statements he made and the information he shared. Considering this, it’s evident that there’s potential in the platform to gain new followers, as well as interact with a fanbase closer than ever before. 

Instagram Live can be used for a plethora of reasons. It can be used to preview or tease new music that has yet to be released, make big announcements including new music release dates, albums, or upcoming shows. Artists such as The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Drake, and many more have teased new music to hype fans up from soon-to-be-released material, as well as to keep them interested in the artist in the meantime. 

It can also be used to connect with fans in new ways that weren’t possible before. Rapper Tory Lanez created his own “Quarantine Radio” in which he would go on the platform to interact with fans, play the music that he’s currently enjoying, and share the live stream with other big artists such as Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion, and Chris Brown. The new “Radio” stream quickly turned into a viral sensation and made waves in the music industry during the most uncertain of times. 

Other artists such as SZA will often hop on Instagram Live to host a Q&A stream that allows fans to comment questions that they can respond to in real-time. Furthermore, “Verzuz” battles have taken off on Instagram Live streams, in which artists “compete” against each other in good spirit to showcase the content they’ve created over the years in a head-to-head live stream competition. 

Instagram Live, as well as other live streaming platforms, offers many benefits to both the artist and their fanbase, with little downside to the entertainment service. Aside from the promotional aspect or notifying a fanbase of upcoming projects or events, it can also be looked at as a wholesome new way to connect with others and allow consumers to see a more personal side to the artist. In doing so, the artist increases the potential to develop more long-term fans that will support them for years to come as they develop into a major player in the music industry.