It’s a given that artists put countless hours of work into their craft. After this work, they must earn what’s rightfully theirs in profits at the end of the day. Often, digital music distribution services and royalty collection agencies, such as popular services Distrokid and Audiam, will be perceived as the best route to go for most artists. It’s advertised to be the most efficient distribution method for the artist, with little to no downside. However, there is much more than meets the eye when looking deeper into these services. 

While there is a vast amount of public information online regarding controversial situations and deals between artists and services including Distrokid and Audiam, RSG will give you the basic concepts of what’s going on. Handfuls of artists have lost out on large sums of royalty profits from their music via YouTube and other services due to “errors” in Content ID, as well as the collection and earning reports at Distrokid and Audiam. 

Both platforms have given mixed-signal answers to artists who follow up with them concerning their revenue. While many have tried to receive their paycheck from these services, few have succeeded in seeing their rightfully earned revenue. While not every artist faces this conundrum from these services or others alike, many sadly do fall victim to this trap. Hopeful artists are preyed upon by large services such as those more frequently as time goes on. 

RSG Agency is here for the artist. Rather than looking to make a pretty penny off of artists, we wish to see them rise, and fully support them along the way. RSG offers global music distribution through a verifiable and legitimate Content ID that allows the artist to see their revenue at the end of the day: No shady deals or responses involved. Among dozens of other services, RSG also includes royalty accounting that ensures the profits will be distributed directly to the artist both fairly and rightfully. 

While many other distribution services believe in a profit, we believe in the art, passion, and creativity that every rapper and singer brings to us. As our artists continue to create content, RSG will guarantee the artist sees their proper and deserved recognition in the most transparent manner possible as they rise to the top!