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RSG is an independent entertainment services & support agency based in Atlanta, GA. We provide enterprise-level music services for Independent Record Labels, Professional Recording Studios, and Professional Recording Artists.

RSG provides our client’s with a team of seasoned entertainment professionals to assist in the distribution, marketing and servicing of high-quality Singles, EP's, LP's and music video products.

Our hands-on approach and solid industry relationships escalate and intensify the movement of audio & video products across all royalty generating streaming platforms - at the highest-level!

RSG’s music servicing include:

Major Distribution
Metadata Management
Industry Data & Analytics
Accounting & Royalty Management
Major & Independent Playlisting
PR & Marketing
Shows & Tour Development & more!

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We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA.Phone: 404-850-7945

Office Hours: 10AM - 6PM
Email: info@therisingstargroup.com